General Info

Q: Why does videmic require the operating system Android KitKat (i.e. release 4.4) or higher?
A: videmic is a brand-new, system-oriented mobile application which requires this release of Android. Almost any smartphone from the manufacturers Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Huawei, and Sony shipped since spring 2014 has installed one of these versions of Android.
Q: Why does videmic require smartphones with at least 16 GB internal memory?
A: Since you store your videos on your smartphone with videmic rather than on a server as with some streaming service, you do need sufficient memory on your smartphone.
Q: Is the videmic app also available for the Apple iPhone?
A: Unfortunately, videmic is currently not available for the Apple iPhone. This is due to the fact that Apple has launched iOS9: a new release of its operating system which is refined in some subtle points important for videmic. We are working eagerly towards a future version of the videmic App for the Apple iPhone.
Q: What does ad-hoc communication mean?
A: videmic transmits your videos you would like to share automatically from your smartphone to the smartphones of other videmic users, which reside in the perimeter of 100 ft. These people will further distribute your videos at arbitrary places, as soon as they meet other videmic users.
Q: Why shall I specify hashtags?
A: Only if you specify hashtags for content of interest, you can receive videos matching your interests from other users when you meet them.
Q: Why shall I specify places?
A: If you specify places, where you sojourn regularly, you improve your chances to meet other users impulsively for an automatic, instant, and free sharing of your videos.
Q: Which kind of videos can be viewed and shared with videmic?
A: videmic supports videos in MP4 format with a size of up to 360MB or 150 seconds in length in full HD.
Q: Do I have to share my videos always with everybody or can I select with whom I would like to share my videos? Does videmic provide privacy?
A: You may choose, wether you would like to share your videos with all other videmic users or just with your friends. Of course, you may also not share your videos at all und just view them on your smartphone everywhere, anytime, and without data usage.
Q: How can I become friends with another user in videmic?
A: When you meet another user, open both the videmic app, change to the corresponding screen and establish a friendship with NFC or with a scan of a QR code.
F: Is videmic secure?
A: The videmic app just accepts files in a fixed, standardized format for videos, i.e. the MP4 format. Furthermore, videmic utilizes the WPA2 standard for encryption and authentification over the wireless link. Moreover, with videmic you can receive videos on your smartphone only from people, who have also installed the videmic app.

Making and Sharing Videos Instantly

Q: How is videmic different from other video apps?
A: In videmic, sharing means instantly transmitting your videos from your smartphone to the smartphones of other users; not uploading your videos to a server and sending links for them as done by other video apps. Thus, videmic gives you and your friends the real-time experience. That is your friends can watch a video that you have just made with them, a few seconds later on their own smartphones.
Q: How can I share my self-made videos instantly with my friends?
A: In the videmic app, with the icon Record video you call the video camera app of your smartphones for recording a video. For user-friendly storing of the video, videmic suggests key words for its title, hashtag and access rights, which can be selected with ease by tapping on them. Once the video has been stored on your smartphone, it will be instantly transmitted to the smartphones of all other videmic users in the proximity or transmitted only to the smartphones of your friends, depending on the access rights you have selected.


Q: How can I install the videmic app?
A: You can find this information here.
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