Without wifi infrastructure

Receive video clips with videmic at music, fashion, or sports events, in clubs and other hotspots directly to your smartphone to watch them everywhere offline for free. Without wifi infrastructure! Without data usage! Even if you have your phone in the pocket.

Watch videos everywhere in full HD quality

You may watch your videos in full HD quality everywhere as often as you like, even in the subway or at the beach. Without data usage! Without internet connection! This is because videmic transmits videos as peer-to-peer (P2P) communication over the wifi interface of your phone directly from device to device.

Share selfies instantly with P2P communication

Make selfies or tape your cool actions on video in full HD quality and transmit these clips as P2P communication directly to the phones of your friends nearby. Instantly and free! Without data usage! Without wifi infrastructure!

Offline and viral. Without internet

Further distribute your video clips everywhere virally to others with matching hashtags and receive new videos yourself to your phone. Without internet connection! Without wifi infrastructure! Even if you have your phone in the pocket. The flashing videmic icon in the app indicates this P2P search for new clips in your proximity.

Watch channels of your stars offline

Subscribe to channels of your stars to watch their videos offline. Share teasers of these videos in Facebook or via WhatsApp to make your friends aware of these videos. As soon as your friends reside in your proximity, for example in high school, at your college, at the beach, or at the soccer field, they will receive the entire video in full HD quality on their smartphones. Instantly and free! Since videmic works without internet connection!

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